Summer in the City at Crimson Hotel


Summer in the City at Crimson Hotel

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These 4 kiddos love staying in hotels. (Who doesn’t right?) They always look forward whenever I tell them we’re going in a hotel. They love jumping up and down in the hotel bed, playing outdoors, swimming and watching TV all day long.

We only stay in hotels whenever there’s an occasion but since their Daddy is home for the Holy Week, we decided to stay in the Metro and just relax and unwind in the hotel. This time, I chose to book at a hotel in Alabang. We seldom go in the South side of the Metro because I don’t like to drive here. (Tollway and I hardly know the route) 😊. So, for a change, we stayed here.

We stayed at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City and it was an awesome experience. The staff were all smiles as we enter their huge lobby at the 8th floor. Smooth check-in and check-out counters and best of all, our room is ready before we even arrived! Excellent customer experience. I had a special request upon booking that my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary in advance and look how they designed our room with a complimentary cake and note for us.

Our hotel bed arranged with rose petals.
Complimentary cake and it tastes really good!

The kids of course ate the cake before I even tasted it. 😂 I commend Crimson Hotel for this because in other hotels, I even have to remind them that we are celebrating a birthday before they send out a cake or do something so I really appreciate this sweet gesture. ❤️

So, we took the time to take some family pictures before going out for dinner.

See pictures below:

Look how big their lobby is with a fountain in the middle.

Next day, we ate breakfast at Cafe Eight. They have wide selections and different cuisines to choose from. (I was not able to take pictures of the food because kids were so kulit.) But here are they eating cereals and fruits. Kuya Scott is still sleeping so he skipped breakfast.

Their most awaited part of the day is swimming!!! It’s very hot this summer so taking a dip into the pool would be nice most especially if the kids are happy and enjoying the pool.

These moments are very precious to us because we are complete. How I wish my husband will not leave anymore and just work here but we all need to sacrifice for a better future. Soon, everything will fall in place in God’s perfect time. 🙏🏻

Overall, our summer in the city staycation at Crimson Hotel is worth it and I would recommend this hotel to families. They are very hospitable, admirable staff and best part of all, they are one with us in saving mother earth. 🌏

My only feedback is hoping they can put a play area for the kids or mini slide in the pool so it would be more child-friendly. Apart from that, it is definitely mom-approved! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️

Thanks for reading.

Much love,

Mommy Gail 😘