A Mother’s Day Musing


A Mother’s Day Musing

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“This article has been featured in the Mother’s Day campaign of the Educational resource publisher Twinkl” 

I know it’s hard Mama. It is not everyday that we are treated as queens. 

This Mother’s Day, I want to lift up other mommas who like me have been experiencing challenges right now, be it at home, at work, at homeschooling children or just simply being a mom.

I never thought my greatest calling would be to become a mother. I have the biggest dreams and goals when I was single and though bearing a child was a huge surprise, I wholeheartedly accepted it. God have blessed me so much and even made me four times the mother He wanted me to be.

Now, with four kids, an OFW husband and blogging on the side, my heart is happy. You would often see me outside with four kids in tow, no extra help, but can still manage.

I became resilient through the years and my biggest challenge so far is homeschooling. To be honest, I always snap and I didn’t even enroll them in the first year of the pandemic. It was really a horrible situation for me. Although the 3 kids can manage to be online by themselves, I need to do everything in between while they are in class. Chelsea needs assistance in her kindergarten classes so imagine all the troubles I had to endure add up my sanity. 😅

Then, I stumbled upon Twinkl Philippines. It is an online resource for us parents, educators and students that offers over 750,000++  worksheets, printables, games, ebooks, powerpoint presentations and other activities with over 40,000++ resources being freely available on the website.

It helped me teach the kids the lessons that they’re having a hard time at, explore activities for them to do and watch the presentations with them. It’s really heaven sent.

Check out these activities we did this Mother’s Day. The girls made a crown with “The Best Mum” on it. Chelsea colored a “Happy Mother’s Day” card and I also printed some banners which we are going to display on Mother’s Day itself.

Some of the Mother’s Day activities you can do at home

I got all of it from the Twnkl Ph App. It’s so easy to do arts and crafts with it, all you need is a mobile phone and a printer at home.

This is a Mother’s Day banner you and your kids can put up

I encourage you Mommies to try Twnkl. Who knows, you might already be using it. 😊 Sign up now to access 40,000+ free resources via this link : https://www.twinkl.com.ph/l/11ejdt

These past few years have been hard Mama, but we can do it! We just need a little bit of patience, a sparkle of hope and a loving heart that can endure anything that comes our way.


Sending you all love and happiness this Mother’s Day. Salute to all mothers around the world! ❤️💐🥰


Much love,

Mommy Gail