Celebrating Pasta and Its Many Different Shapes


Celebrating Pasta and Its Many Different Shapes

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Pasta will always be a staple in our household because my son will choose pasta over rice every single day!

Pastas come in all shapes and sizes. There are the familiar faves – spaghetti, macaroni and lasagna – and there are the unique ones like the bowtie-shaped farfalle, the spiraled fusilli and many more.

For San Remo Philippines, pastas are more than just wonderfully shaped noodle varieties. For them, pasta is the secret ingredient that shapes great family bonding experiences and memorable moments.

Last October 25 is World Pasta Day. San Remo asked us “What Shapes You?”

For me, my experiences shaped my character. The character that upholds my personality and with that, I can do a lot of things and can make anything possible. This shaped me as I strive to become a better parent to my children everyday. I want them to have a strong character just like me so their possibilities are endless.

So, just like with Pastas, with San Remo, I can prepare different kinds of pastas in different shapes for the whole family. I am so excited to try the wagon wheels because my children will surely love it.

San Remo also have pastas that are Gluten-free for the health conscious. They make all our Pastabilities come to life!

If you love Pasta just like I do, buy San Remo now. Available at all leading supermarkets nationwide. 🙂

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