Get your most important documents Anytime, Anywhere with PSA Helpline


Get your most important documents Anytime, Anywhere with PSA Helpline

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Everything nowadays are done online. It’s more convenient, less fear of going out and contracting the virus and it saves time.

Getting our most important documents like PSA birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR and more can now be done in just 3 simple steps anytime, anywhere in the Philippines. How cool is that?

I remember a friend overseas asked me if if we can get these documents online so I thought of writing a blog to help out disseminate this information to every Filipino across the world. I tried it myself too to know if this is really efficient.

Here are the 3 easy steps for you to request your documents:

  1. Go to and choose which documents you need (birth, marriage, CENOMAR or death certificate) and fill out the details correctly (make sure there are no typo errors with the names).
  2. Pay online or over-the-counter (can pay via credit, debit card, Gcash, 711, over-the-counter thru banks)
  3. Wait for the delivery

    This is the main page of the website. Very easy to navigate for everyone

They deliver nationwide and it will take 3-4 working days within Metro Manila and 7-8 working days outside the metro.

In my case, I ordered it on the 12th of September and I received it on the 17th of September. 5 business days. They also send sms for updates on the process and the schedule of the delivery. It costs Php 365 per document including the delivery fee.

It was sealed well and even if it’s on a transparent pouch, it was folded inside so no one can see our details

Easy-peasy right?

Please also take note of these important reminders before requesting your PSA document:

Civil Registry documents can only be issued to:

I highly recommend PSA Helpline for helping me get our birth certificates worry-free.

Visit now and get your most important documents without the hassle. 😊