Grab an Aussie Orange and Add Colour to your Dishes


Grab an Aussie Orange and Add Colour to your Dishes

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It’s time to grab an Aussie orange and add some colour to your diet as Taste Australia is bringing the highest quality Navel Oranges back from Australia’s south east regions to the Philippines.

One of my twins, Sari loves oranges and we are so delighted that it’s citrus season once again and we can eat our favorite oranges.

Oranges is known for its Vitamin C content and health benefits which may help in fending off nasty colds.

Last July 24, 2019, Hort Innovation hosted an exclusive launch event under the Taste Australia banner at Hilton Manila and it aims to cement existing trade relations and develop new and exciting partnerships.

(Australian Embassy Economic Counselor Nardia Simpson)

Australian oranges are after their prime from now until October and Taste Australia encourages consumers to take advantage of this citrus fruit while in peak season.

Australian oranges is a versatile fruit and can be made into unique recipes or add into our children’s lunchboxes.

Hilton Manila’s Executive Chef Dennis Leslie also made a demo on how we can make Orange-infused dishes at home.

We have tried this dishes and it is oh so yummy and healthy!

Taste Australia allows consumers to take advantage of these seasonal fruits, with product branded or promoted under its banner guaranteed to be perfectly ripe, fresh and sweet.

Find out more by following them on Facebook: @TasteAustraliaPhilippines and on Instagram: @TasteAustraliaPH

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