Johnson’s Milk Bath Review + Birthday Giveaway!


Johnson’s Milk Bath Review + Birthday Giveaway!

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As a mom of 4 kids who are 6 and below, I tend to choose different products suitable for each kid. I have been a user of Johnson’s baby products even before I became a Mombassador and I guess all of us are Johnson’s babies right?

My youngest Chelsea uses the Johnson’s Cotton Touch because she has sensitive skin. Scott, my eldest uses the active line and for the twins, I use the Johnson’s Milk line.I’ll focus more on the Johnson’s Milk line for this review.

Do you know that eventhough they are twins, Sasha and Sari are two unique individuals and they each have different skin needs and preferences too.

The New Johnson’s Milk+Oats and Milk+Rice is specially made gentle for growing baby and Moms too! I also use this line as a body wash and lotion because it smells really good.It has 90% naturally-derived nourishing ingredients for soft and smooth skin perfectly gentle and moisturizing for both mommy and baby. Sasha and Sari have dry skin and allergic rhinitis so I use this line because the smell is so mild that it doesn’t trigger irritation. It is also so easy to apply, non-sticky for the lotion and easy to rinse for the milk bath.

It gives a smooth lather when taking a bath. This is one of my requirement in choosing a product because the in just one drop or one circle, you can spread it on the whole body. Extra savings for moms because you can use it longer.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this as 10 because I really use it, it is now 100% gentle because it is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and dyes and best of all, my kids love it! That’s my topmost priority. I’ve tried brands that caused them allergies and irritation but Johnson’s always worked for us.

Watch this short video of how the twins apply the lotion to their skin.

[wpvideo IDt6qfQ2]

My birthday is coming up this month so together with Johnson’s, I would like to share these new Johnson’s Milk line with you through a GIVEAWAY!

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Giveaway runs until my birthday July 25. Winners will be announced on July 29.Goodluck everyone and make sure to follow all instructions!

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