Kleenfant Launches New Product: Kleenfant Quick Dry Diapers


Kleenfant Launches New Product: Kleenfant Quick Dry Diapers

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Kleenfant has been a household baby product loved by Filipino moms since its release in 2021. From baby wipes to baby laundry products, baby skincare and baby bottle cleansers, they never fail to produce products that helps us with our parenting journey.

Recently, they launched their baby diapers range and it was very promising. Kleenfant made sure that their diapers are the best and safest for our little ones.

Why choose Kleenfant Quick Dry Diapers?

With all the diapers out in the market, Kleenfant spent years of thorough research and development to produce the best for our babies. Here are their 10 advantages compared to other diaper brands:

  1. 360 degrees stretchable waist
  2. Always dry and fast absorbing
  3. It has a wetness indicator (must have!)
  4. Cottony soft cover
  5. High back waist (to prevent leakage)
  6. Slim type technology
  7. Distributes liquid evenly
  8. Breathable soft material on the sides
  9. Double leak guard ( ensures no leakage)
  10. Baby can move comfortably

Kleenfant promises to perform with love and ensures the high level of quality their brand has been known for.

Kleenfant Quick Dry Diapers comes in Taped and Pants variants. For as low as Php 5.40 per pad, it’s very affordable compared to other brands.

Available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and online via Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok and Edamama.

For more info, check out @kleenfant on Tiktok, IG, FB and Twitter.

Kleenfant is distributed by: Inspi