#LifeBeginsWell with Biolane: 50 years of expertise and moments shared with families


#LifeBeginsWell with Biolane: 50 years of expertise and moments shared with families

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French hygiene and baby care brand Biolane celebrates its golden anniversary honoring 50 years of expertise on newborn skin.

Created in 1972 by pharmacist Dr. Chabrand, Biolane was born from the desire to design gentle and natural products which pay respect to the delicate skin of babies. Harnessing its passion towards the wellbeing of babies, the brand has become number one in France and a global industry leader, recommended by pediatricians and midwives and trusted by parents worldwide. Its expertly formulated products can continue to accompany these newborns as they grow into toddlers, children, and even tweens.

“Throughout its 50 years in the industry, Biolane has accompanied millions of births and early stages of life across generations of families. To our customers, we pay tribute to 50 years of Biolane moments shared with you,” said Tanya Cuaso, Managing Partner of Biolane Philippines. “These include little moments which you savor when you massage your baby, inhale their scent, and make them laugh during bath time. Moments when you discover the ups and downs of parenthood—the helplessness you might feel from your baby’s endless crying or the joy that comes from waking up to a smiling and well-rested baby. And of course, the moments of confidence you feel when you take care of your baby, which Biolane helps bring forth through its products to ensure that #LifeBeginsWell.”

For its 50th anniversary, Biolane changes its packaging—rebranding its labels and formulations to reinforce its commitment to developing top-notch products for babies’ skin. Its long-standing logo has evolved into a more relaxed typography with a symbol evoking gentle protectiveness. While the colored shapes represent gaiety and warmth, the large leaves symbolize natural elements and the playfulness of childhood.

Even with these changes, Biolane continues to adhere to the three fundamentals which have  guided its development throughout the 50 years:

  1. Expertise – The brand applies its proficiency to minimalist, high tolerance, effective, and safe formulas which are tested under dermatological and pediatric control. Each formula contains only the essential ingredients at the right dosages, rigorously selected by independent toxicologist experts.
  2. Naturalness – Each product carries a minimum of 96% ingredients of natural origin and certified organic range, such as olive and sunflower oil. Its new Expert BIO Organic Range highlights InubiomⓇ, a unique prebiotic ingredient from the chicory flower which helps develop the baby’s immune and microbial barrier. In addition, all products are completely free of mineral oils, Vaseline, GMO, PEG, and ingredients which may be sensitizing, allergenic, or irritating.
  3. Softness – Biolane’s products encompass gentle surfactants, soft textures, non-controversial preservatives in minimal quantities, and allergen-free fragrance to complement babies’ mild skin.

As Biolane moves forward from 50 years of proven know-how, it continues its mission to support parents and babies with a complete range of top-notch products. Backed by the brand’s expertise, naturalness, and softness fundamentals, these products will confidently nourish and protect each baby’s skin while preserving nature.

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