Milk Easy: Mom’s New BREASTfriend


Milk Easy: Mom’s New BREASTfriend

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I have breastfed all my 4 children when they were an infant and to tell you honestly, there weren’t many options to choose from for Breastfeeding essentials like bra, storage bags, and pumps.

I have graduated from breastfeeding already but it makes me feel happy when more and more products are being launched for breastfeeding Mommas!

I am so excited to tell you about a new brand called Milk Easy.

Founders of Milk Easy Ph (Kidd, Angela, Auds, Kato)

Milk Easy was created by breastfeeding and working moms who needed to find better solutions hence the creation of practical products for our already hectic lives. From wanting to wear tube dresses to not being hassled with changing into different bras to enhancing milk flow and relaxing while pumping, we wanted to give moms a solution in a fun way.

We want moms to know it’s okay, that you can do this and that we’ve got you!

-Audrey, Kato, Kidd and Angela



The ultimate milking bra with a two-layer feature to let you nurse and pump at the same time. Its unique design makes this an everyday staple that provides support and function without sacrificing comfort or adding bulk.

-First combined nursing and hands-free pumping bra that looks and feels like a regular bra

-Frees up your hands which allows you to multitask while pumping

-Holds up flanges/bottles more firmly than normal pumping bras

-Provides good support without the use of underwires to prevent clogged ducts

-Zero cutting and gives everyday comfort

-Easy snap hooks to nurse or pump on-the-go

-Adjustable straps

-Removable pads

-95% Nylon and 5% Spandex, 100% Polyester Fiber


Coming soon…

This essential STRAPLESS T-shirt bra is seamless and provides full coverage for any sleeveless, tube or off-shoulder outfit. Its functional and streamlined style allows for nursing on-the-go without sacrificing style.

-Easy snap-on buttons to breastfeed anywhere, anytime

-Provides support with no underwire for maximum comfort

-Breathable padding perfect for lactating moms

-Detachable straps

-Full coverage cups

-Adjustable hook and eye back closure

-95% Nylon and 5% Spandex, 100% Polyester Fiber



Constructed with the perfect angle and continuous form, the flange’s innovative design gives comfrt, enhances output, and encourages milk to flow more easily – a necessity for pumping moms to lean back and relax.

-Fits breasts more naturally with its wider and rounder design

-Seamless connection of funnel and tube reduces irritation to the nipple and areola

-Stimulates better flow and reduces constriction of milk ducts

-Gives moms a more comfortable and natural position making it possible to lean back

-Helps prevent mastitis and other breast infections caused by clogged ducts

-Best used with Milk Easy’s Nurse and Pump Easy bra for a more relaxed and productive pumping experience

-Bisphenol A (BPA) free food-grade material



Designed by moms for moms, this pre-sterilized and double-safety sealed milk storage bag is guaranteed to store your liquid gold securely and hygienically. Equipped with a spot for easier pouring and allergen icons for fast labelling, it’s a great asset for every mom’s pump life.

-100% BPA-free

-Sterilized for safety

-Self-standing design

-Leak proof

-Spout for easier pouring

-Allergen icon label

-Comes in 8 oz/240 ml bags

These products are of the highest quality and well-designed and packed.

I definitely recommend it to preggy moms and breastfeeding moms.

Oh and I forgot to tell you, they had the coolest, chillest and most fun launch ever! I enjoyed just eating, chatting with mom friends and posing for the cameras in their IG-worthy backdrops.

See photos below c/o Cocoon Studio:


Thank you for having me Milk Easy Ph and the rest of the gang!


Product launch @MilkEasyPH #MilkEasyPH

Event setup @The.Floralist

Venue and food @TheFoodHallPH

Photographer @CocoonStudioPH

Hologram photo booth @SpinCam360

Play area @FunNestPH @FunNestParties

Find their products at:


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Much love,

Mommy Gail 💙