My Mother, My Frontliner in Forest Lake Memorial Park’s Tribute Video


My Mother, My Frontliner in Forest Lake Memorial Park’s Tribute Video

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I never knew I could give so much love and more until I became a MOM.

In this new normal, Frontliners became a famous word as they are risking their own health and safety to serve our countrymen. As moms, we are Frontliners too at home because we are always there for our children.

When I watched the Mother’s Day Tribute video of Forest Lake Memorial Parks, I literally cried. A mom will always do anything and everything for her child. Your children will always come first, in everything and that would mean putting yourself last and you’re happy about it. ⁣I am so moved by the selflessness and sacrifice of the mother to her son. She is even willing to be away from her son so she could give him a better future.

⁣I can still vividly remember when I had to choose between quitting my job and taking care of my preemie twins. I had a stable job, one step towards promotion but I gave up everything. I tried to go back to work after a few years but still, fate is telling me to leave it all behind and focus on my children. Now, I’m a full-time stay-at-home mom of my 4 kids and I don’t have any regrets. ⁣

You can watch the video at

Be moved by this mother’s story and how she is a real proof of what a Super Mom is.

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