Smart Parenting Convention 2019


Smart Parenting Convention 2019

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Parenting is such a wonderful adventure.

At first, we might all be clueless on how to raise a little human being and worried that we might do something wrong in raising them.

Good thing, there are a lot of support groups, articles online and websites such as Smart Parenting to help us in our parenting journey.

Last June 29, Smart Parenting held its most-awaited event of the year, the “Smart Parenting Convention” at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall.

This is my first time to attend the Smart Parenting Convention and it is an honor to be part of their media guests. I have long been attending their events such as SP Baby Shower, Mom Workshops, Playdates, to name a few.

The Smart Parenting Convention this year has more than 70 concessionaires offering special discounts and bundles for baby products we all love. The most fun part is they have talks all day divided into three blocks that are divided into topics that caters to one stage of our parenting journey.

1. Pregnancy and Baby Block

– topics on how to prepare for the coming of baby

– these are attended by expectant moms and dads


* Childbirth Options and How to Prepare for Delivery Day

– facilitated by Dr. Manila Domingo, an Ob- Gyne

*Postpartum Care

– Most moms often neglect this because we are more focused on our newborn.

– Dr. Sybil Bravo reminds moms that we need special treatment too after birth and talked about how we can best take care of ourselves after giving birth.

*Baby Milestones and Red Flags to Watch Out For

– by Dr. Ina Atutubo

* Baby Sleep Basics

– by Maria Campos Lopez

2. Toddler Block

– Parents with toddlers are more interested on these topics as children on this stage are more on the exploring side.


* The Facts and the Curious: FAQs About Parenting Toddlers Answered by Experts

– Health experts like Dr. Maria Josephine Yuson-Sunga, Dr. Francis Xavier M. Dimalanta and Teacher Tina Zamora talked about facts and tips on how to raise toddlers and also answered questions from curious parents.

* Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder

– this topic was discussed by Ms. Mona Magnu- Veluz who serves as the National President of the Autism Society Philippines.

3. Family Block


*Why You Need a Marriage Makeover After Kids

– couple Joy and Eric Mendoza shares about their joys and challenges in parenting and how to keep your marriage intact and happy after kids.

* Digital Parenting

– Dr. Michelle Alignay, RP, RGC discussed that digital life is already part of our children’s lives. What we can do is to minimize the risks and maximize opportunities. Foster better relationships with our children and talk to them more often, monitor and engage in their digital activities.

*How to Create a Home First Aid Kit

– Patricia Cuasay- Fruto shares how to create a more personalized home first aid kit that are specific to our kids’ needs rather than the traditional contents of the first aid kit that we can buy in drug stores.

Aside from the talks, raffles and prizes were given to attendees. I enjoyed the third block of talks and also got to meet my mommy friends and see the brands we love at the Smart Parenting Convention.

Sharing with you some photos of me and my son inside the convention below:

There’s so much to do and so much we’ve learned in one day in the Smart Parenting Convention 2019. Hopefully, they extend it to 2 days in the coming years so more parents can benefit from the talks and shop more for our baby’s essentials.

Congratulations Smart Parenting! You are always with me in my parenting adventure.

Thanks for reading.

Much love,

Mommy Gail