Why Lumina Calauan is the best investment for OFWs?


Why Lumina Calauan is the best investment for OFWs?

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Being an OFW wife, my husband and I are really searching for investments that could potentially be a valuable asset of ours in the future. It has been four years since he worked abroad and my since my husband usually likes the laidback kind of life, we invested in a house and lot in Lumina Calauan.

Do you want to know why? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Easily accessible 
  • Just two hours away from the Metro, we can usually drive in-and-out of the city to visit our relatives and friends and it’s very accessible through the SLEX. There’s also an incoming project underway which is the Laguna Lake Expressway Dike (LLED). LLED will start in Bicutan, Taguig, and will traverse through the cities of Muntinlupa, Calamba, ending in Los Baños, Laguna at its boundary with Bay, Laguna.

2. Wide open spaces 

  • This is what we have been lacking in the Metro and given that this pandemic will not end anytime soon, we want our kids to have a space they can roam and run freely around. Lumina Calauan have this huge open spaces for our kids and a playground too so that’s a plus for me.

3. Closer to Nature

  • We love the fresh air, surrounded by green trees and mountains. Laguna is much more to that. It is the home of a lot of lakes, waterfalls, springs,etc. You’ll definitely be closer to Mother Earth.

4. Tourist Attractions 

  • There are a lot of tourist attractions in Laguna that living within the area is really an advantage. From Enchanted Kingdom to Pagsanjan Falls to a lot of mountain sanctuaries, Laguna is the place to feed your soul.

5. Low cost of living

  • Living in the suburbs definitely has a lower cost compared to renting out condos in the Metro. For as low as P 2,844/month, you can now achieve your #BahayGoals with Lumina Homes.

So guys, if you’re looking for an affordable home you can call your own, check out Lumina Homes in Calauan. Lumina is the affordable housing arm of Vista Land, the Philippines’ largest homebuilder known for housing brands including Camella, Lessandra, and Vista Residences among others.

More about Lumina Calauan

Lumina Calauan is a 9-hectare but 15-hectare consolidated master-planned subdivision consisting of two phases. Phase 1 comprises the economic model houses such as Athena and Adriana, while Phase 2 comprises the social model house, which is the Aimee Rowhouse.

House and Lot in Calauan: 

  • Athena Single Firewall
  • Athena Duplex
  • Adriana Townhouse
  • Aimee Rowhouse

You can apply via Pag-ibig housing loans, bank financing or pay in cash on the spot. For me, the best payment term if you don’t have the cash on hand is to use your Pag-ibig benefits. It has the lowest interest rate and up to 30 years to pay.

Here’s how:

Pag-ibig housing loan

This place is also great for young professionals looking at an investment that they can liquidate in the future.

#CertifiedKabarangayLumina #LuminaHomes

If you are an OFW wife like me or an OFW yourself, this would be a great investment. Move to a better place in the suburbs and live a more comfortable life at Lumina Calauan.